Saturday, June 25, 2022

Task ID (assignment field) [MS]

Data Type    Integer

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Task ID field contains the number that Project assigns to each task as you add it to the project. The Task ID indicates the position of the task with respect to the other tasks.

How Calculated    As you create tasks, Project automatically assigns the next number in the sequence of tasks as listed. This becomes the Task ID.

Best Uses    The Task ID field for assignments only appears in the Task Form view. It also appears in the Assignment Mapping dialog box, which you can use when importing or exporting assignment dates.

Example    You want to export assignment dates to an Excel workbook. You create your export map and include the Task ID field along with other assignment information to be exported to Excel.

Remarks    To export the Task ID field to another program, in the Save as type dialog box, select the name of the file format that you are exporting to (for example, Access Database or Excel Workbook). and then complete the steps in the Export Wizard.

If you need an ID that indicates the sequence in which the assignment was made, regardless of placement in the schedule, use the Unique ID (assignment) field.

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