Saturday, June 25, 2022

Task GUID (task field) [MS]

Data Type    Text

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Task GUID field contains the generated unique identification codes for each task in your project. No two tasks will have the same Task GUID.

Best Uses    Insert the Task GUID column into a task sheet when you need to see the unique identifier for each task. This is particularly useful to help with programming and debugging custom applications.

Example    You are creating a macro that references specific tasks in your project. To show the unique identifiers for these particular tasks, you insert the Task GUID column into the Task Sheet.

Remarks    The Task GUID is different from the Unique ID field for tasks. The Unique ID is a sequential number that reflects the order in which tasks were added to the project. By contrast, the Task GUID is a unique alphanumeric string that represents each task for programming purposes.

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