Saturday, June 25, 2022

Take breaks and schedule personal time [MS]

When working in an office, most people get some natural breaks and movement walking to and from offices, meeting rooms, and cafes. Working from home disrupts this natural flow when the "office" is in the living room and all meetings are conference calls. 

  • Schedule meetings to start 5 minutes past the hour or half hour to give you time to stand up and walk around. For example, if the meeting usually starts at 11:00am, schedule it to start at 11:05 am.

  • Use reoccurring Outlook reminders to make time for regular breaks, meals, and focus time.

  • If you have meetings where you don't need to be at your computer screen, try standing or walking around the room, or take the meeting on your mobile device and walk around the block.

  • Go for a short walk "to your office" in the morning and "to home" in the evening to help you mentally transition.

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