Tuesday, June 21, 2022

StopAllMacros Macro Action [MS]

You can use the StopAllMacros macro action in Access desktop databases to stop all macros that are currently running.


The StopAllMacros macro action doesn't have any arguments.


You typically use this action when an error condition makes it necessary to stop all macros. You can use a conditional expression in the macro's action row that contains this action. When the expression evaluates to True (–1), Access stops all macros.

For example, you might have a macro that displays a message box as one of a number of complex actions, including running other macros. If the user clicks Cancel in this message box, the StopAllMacros macro action can stop all the macros that are running.

If a macro has used the Echo or SetWarnings actions to turn echo or the display of system messages off, the StopAllMacros macro action automatically turns them back on.

This action isn't available in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module.

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