Monday, June 20, 2022

Staying connected in the hybrid workplace [MS]

Social capital and other measures of social connection are associated with better health, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement, organizational identification, and knowledge exchange. Without the ability to stop by a colleague's desk or grab a cup of coffee like we would normally do in a traditional office setting, people are turning to chat, emails, and unscheduled calls.

Be sure to communicate with your colleagues about your communication preferences and to learn about theirs too. Consider creating a team agreement to outline communication expectations and preferences.

Stay connected

  • Create social channels using Teams meetings and chat to host small group lunches, social hours, and other casual spaces that can mimic the "water cooler" in the office regardless of work location.

  • Keep regularly scheduled 1:1s and consider splitting one 1:1 meeting into 2 shorter meetings throughout the week.

  • Channel conversations in Teams are a great way to keep the whole team in the know.

  • Consider setting up bi-weekly virtual team huddles or parallel work spaces.

Intentional communication

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