Monday, June 20, 2022

Stay in the flow with follow-ups and @mentions [MS]

Maintain your train of thought by leaving follow-ups in the document, and bring others into the conversation by mentioning them directly in the canvas. You'll also get suggestions in places where you might want to add more info, so you can follow up with references or other details.  

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  1. To start a follow-up, right-click and select New Follow-up.

    Button for follow-up feature.  

    Tip: You can also type a left bracket [ and a right bracket followed a space to start a follow-up.

  2. Type your follow-up, and then press Tab when you're done. The follow-up will be highlighted in yellow.

      Example of highlighted text for follow-up.

    Note: If you're using SharePoint Online, you can even add an @mention as part of a follow-up. Type @ and their name. If they don't have access, the Share box will appear. Select Share and notify to grant access.

    Grant access window.  

  3. To resolve a follow-up, select it and select Remove text or Keep text, depending on your preference.

    Remove or keep the follow up text.   

  4. To see a list of all follow-ups, select one and select See all Follow-ups. This makes it simple to navigate through the Follow-ups. Select one to jump to that part of the document.

Follow-up with Word suggestions

Intelligence in Word now recognizes follow-ups as you type them. Text highlighted in blue means there is a suggestion for you.

Note: This feature is currently only available in English.

Select the highlighted text and choose to Mark for Follow-up or mark Ignore.

Word will even suggest links for you. Select the blue highlight to see a list of recent docs. Or select Show more results to open the Search pane and find what you want to link to.

Note: The blue highlighting is only temporary while you have a document open. As soon as you close it, the documents formatting will go back to the way you had it formatted.

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