Monday, June 20, 2022

Status (task field) [MS]

Data Type    Enumerated

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Status field indicates the current status of a task, specifying whether the task is Complete, On Schedule, Late, or a Future Task.

How Calculated    If the task is 100 percent complete, then Microsoft Office Project sets the Status field to Complete.

If the task start date is greater than the status date, then the Status field contains Future Task.

If timephased cumulative percent complete is spread to at least the day before the status date, then the Status field contains On Schedule.

If the timephased cumulative percent complete does not reach midnight on the day before the status date, then the Status field contains Late.

Best Uses    Add the Status field to a task view when you want to display, filter, or group by task status. Use the Status field in conjunction with the Status Indicator field to get a graphical indicator of task status.

Example    You have a five-day task that starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Today is Thursday, which is also the status date. The task is 80 percent complete. The timephased Cumulative Percent Complete field shows a value on Thursday, therefore the task is on schedule, and On Schedule shows in the Status field.

If the task were only 40 percent complete, the timephased Cumulative Percent Complete would show a value through Tuesday. The task would be considered late, and Late would be displayed in the Status field.

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