Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Sharing and managing files [MS]

From short Word documents to giant Excel spreadsheets, there's a lot you can share in Teams. Share files directly to people in Teams or upload them to a group chat so everyone has access. Every person on Teams also has access to their own personal OneDrive cloud storage which means their files remain accessible wherever they go.  

Here's a few more things you should know about sharing and managing files:

Sharing files with customers and coworkers

Add documents and photos to one-on-one and group chats where you and others can easily access them. For example, upload expense reports, customer orders, project plans, and whatever else you need to operate your business. Files you share will be automatically uploaded and stored in your OneDrive for safekeeping.  

To see all the files and documents that have been shared in a one on one or group chat, open the Files tab at the top of chat.  

Working together on documents

One of the benefits of sharing files in Teams is everyone gets to work directly on the same file at the same time. That means, no more confusion over file versions or missing files.

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