Thursday, June 23, 2022

Set user permissions for DAI features - Google Ad Manager Help [gg-admanager-en]

Set user permissions for DAI features

Before you can set user permissions for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) features, your network must be configured for both Video Solutions and DAI. Contact your account team for more information.

Edit a user role to include DAI feature permissions

Once your network has been configured by your account team to allow DAI features for dynamic ad insertion, you need to select permissions to allow users to access these features. To allow DAI features for a particular user role:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Access & authorization.
  3. Click the user role that for which you would like to allow permissions
  4. Select to allow the following video syndication features:

    Live / linear video

    • Manage live stream events

    * While the permissions are labeled "live" stream events, this is also required for linear configurations.

    Video on demand

    • View video content
    • Manage video content, sources, and mapping rules
    • Manage dynamic ad insertion for video content
    • View content sources and their associated mappings
    • Receive ingestion error notifications for video content with dynamic ad insertion
  5. Click Save.

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For any issues related to DAI troubleshooting or outages, contact publisher support.

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