Monday, June 6, 2022

Set contacts list options [MS]

This article describes the Contacts list options window in Lync, where you can set up how you want your contacts to be displayed.

  • Display my contacts with: By default, your Contacts list will include names and, if available, pictures. To remove the pictures, which doubles the number of contacts that can be displayed at one time, click Contact name only (one line).

  • Order my list: By default, your contacts are listed alphabetically by name, within a given group. If you'd rather have them ordered by their availability, click By availability.

  • Show this information: Select the check boxes in this section to choose from among these additional display options:

    • Contact name (instead of email address) Lists your contacts by name (selected by default).

    • Contact status   Adds a descriptive phrase, such as "In a meeting" or "On a call" to the presence color bar on each listing (selected by default).

    • Show contacts with away, offline and unknown presences in a separate group Displays these unavailable contacts in a single category at the bottom of contacts display (off by default).

    • Favorites group Includes Favorites as a distinct group (selected by default).

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