Sunday, June 5, 2022

Send an email to a channel in Teams [MS]

If you want to send an email to a channel in Teams, use the channel email address. Once an email is part of a channel, anyone can reply to it to start a conversation.

Send an email to a channel

Go to the channel name and click More options More options button > Get email address.

Note: This feature needs to be turned on by your IT admin. Also, sending email to a channel isn't available if you're using Teams as part of an Office 365 Government plan.

Reply to an email in a channel

When you reply to an email message that has been sent to a channel, it's treated like a reply to any other post in a channel. Replying to the post in Teams doesn't send an email reply to the original sender. Any comments or conversations you have about the email in a channel aren't visible outside of Teams.

View the original email

Sometimes, emails that get sent to a channel are too large to view in the conversation. To see an email in its original format, click View original email under the email in the conversation.

Troubleshoot email failures

The following are a few reasons why sending an email to a channel can fail:

  • The feature is not enabled by your IT admin. Contact your admin for more info. Your admin can configure this feature by using email integration under Teams org-wide settings.

  • The channel settings restrict who can send email, such as the channel moderation setting being turned on. Check with a team owner or a channel moderator to see if you have permission to send email to the channel.

  • The email contains more than 50 inline images.

  • The email has more than 20 file attachments.

  • The email has an attachment that's more than 10 MB.

  • The email includes the channel email address as part of a distribution list. Make sure that the channel email address is being used directly.

  • The SharePoint folder associated with the channel was deleted, renamed, or hasn't been synced.

    • To revert a renamed folder:

      1. Go to the channel, select Files > Show actions  Teams more icon > Open in SharePoint.

      2. In the upper-right corner of your screen, select Open the details pane Info icon > More details.

      3. Under Activity, locate the original folder name and then rename the folder using the original name.

        Teams Ent rename a SharePoint folder

    • To sync a folder:

      1. Go to the channel, select Files > Sync.

        Teams Ent sync SharePoint folder

  • Anti-spam protection is blocking the email. Check with your IT admin to make sure that the domain used in the email address isn't being blocked. Your admin should also make sure that other Teams management settings allow email to be sent to the channel.

Note: Email and domain spoofing is not supported. 

You can read, reply to, and view an original email in a channel on your mobile device. To get a channel's email address, though, you need to go to the desktop or web app.

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