Thursday, June 2, 2022

Search for tagged notes in OneNote [MS]

If you've previously added tags to any of your notes, you can search for the tags by using tag keywords. In OneNote, the results appear in an easy-to-read summary.

Note tags need to be associated with typed or handwritten notes in order for them to appear in your search.

Do the following:

  1. Click Home > Find Tags.

    Screenshot of the Find Tags button in OneNote 2016

  2. In the Tags Summary task pane that opens, click any tag in the list to open the page that contains the associated tagged note.

    Search for tagged notes in the Tags Summary pane

    Tip: To narrow the search, at the bottom of the Tags Summary task pane, click the Search drop-down, select a narrower search scope from the list, and then click Refresh Results.

If you want to view the tag search results as a notes page, click the Create Summary Page button at the bottom of the Tags Summary task pane.

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