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Schedule a webinar [MS]

Set the day and time, invite additional presenters, and create the registration form that prospective attendees will fill out. For a webinar overview, see Get started with Teams webinars.

If you run into any issues, contact your IT admin.

Enter webinar details for presenters

  1. In the Teams calendar, select the arrow to the right of New meeting and then select Webinar.

    Select Webinar, the second option

  2. By default, the webinar is open to everyone. You can change it to For people in your org by selecting the down arrow next to Require registration.

    Select Require registration under Meeting options

    Note: If you want to schedule a public webinar but can't, contact your IT admin.

  3. On the New meeting page, enter a title for your webinar, date, start and end times, and a description. The info that you enter on this page is for the webinar presenters only—attendees won't see it. If you want, you can set a different start time for attendees on the registration form so that you'll have time to prepare with the presenters before the attendees join. (See Customize the registration form for instructions.)

    Fill in the basic info

  4. In the meeting notes section at the bottom of the invitation, you can add agenda items and notes, and assign pre-webinar tasks to the presenters. This info is shared only with presenters.

Add other presenters (optional)

To allow people besides yourself to present content during the webinar, list them on the invite. Presenters don't need to register. They join the webinar in the same way that they join a regular meeting.


  • If you add external presenters, they will join the webinar as attendees. Then you can promote them to presenters.

  • If you add presenters after sending out the webinar invite, you'll need to perform additional steps. For details, see Add presenters after sending the invite.

  • External presenters who are federated or have guest account in your organization (tenant), will join as presenters only if they sign in with that account at the time of joining the webinar session.   

  • If external presenters try to join without signing into the federated or guest accounts, when the "Who can register?" meeting option is set to:   

    • Everyone, they will join as an attendee. You can then promote them to presenters.

    • People in my org, they will be denied entry.

  • External presenters who are not federated and do not have a guest account in your organization are not supported when the "Who can register?" meeting option is set to People in my org.

  1. In the Add required presenters space, enter their names.

    Add required and optional presenters

  2. If there are optional presenters, select Optional presenters and enter their names.

Customize the registration form

Potential webinar attendees get this form when they select the webinar registration link. They fill it out and submit it to receive the Join link for the webinar.

  1. To begin, select View registration form.

    Select View registration form

Add a custom image (optional)

You can add a banner or other image to the top of the attendee registration form.

  1. Select Add an image at the top of the page.

  2. Select Upload an image, locate and select the image you want to use, and select Done.

  3. Select Done again.

To remove the image, select the X in the upper-right corner of the page.

Enter basic webinar details for attendees

Enter the webinar title, date, start and end times, and description. You can also list the speakers, along with their bios.

Event details section

  • The info that you enter on this page appears only on the registration page—it does not affect the start and end times on the webinar calendar event.

  • If you want, you can set a different start time for webinar presenters so that you'll have time to prepare with the presenters before the attendees join.

Choose additional fields

The form that attendees will complete includes three required fields: First name, Last name, and Email. You decide the rest.

  1. Under Register for this event, select Add field to view a list of commonly requested fields.

    Select Add field

  2. To add one of the listed fields, select it.

  3. When the field appears on the form, select the Required box if you want to oblige attendees to provide that info. (They won't be able to register for your webinar if they leave the line blank.)

    Required check box is next to Organization

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed. To delete a field, select the X to its right.

Create custom fields

You can request any amount of additional info, perhaps related to your webinar's marketing goals or to help plan your training session.

  1. Select Add field > Custom question and indicate whether the attendee will be entering info in the questionnaire (select Input) or choosing from options you supply (select Choice).

    Select Input or Choice

  2. If you chose Input, enter your question in the field under Custom question.

    Input is the top option

  3. If you chose Choice, enter your question under Custom question, select Add option until you have the number of choices you want to provide, and then enter the choices.

    Choice is the second option

  4. To preview your registration form, select View in browser at the top right of the page.

  5. When you're done, select Save.

  6. To close the form, select the X in the upper-right corner.

Note: The registration form is created as a web form on the organizer's Mysite on SharePoint. Registrants will enter their registration data through a TLS-encrypted connection between their browser and the SharePoint service. When a registrant submits a registration, SharePoint stores the data, encrypted, directly to your organization's SharePoint data storage location as a list on the organizer's Mysite.
Organizers can respond to requests from registrants to exercise data subject rights by directly accessing their registration lists in SharePoint. Admins can use the DSR guidance provided at Office 365 Data Subject Requests for the GDPR and CCPA. Any data processing needed for purposes of this webinar is subject to the terms of the meeting organizer.

Send the invite

After you've completed the basic info for both presenters and attendees, added any additional presenters, and customized the registration form, send out the invite.

Important: You need to do this even if you're the only presenter.

  1. Select Send in the upper-right corner of the page.

  2. The presenters will receive the invite.

  3. The registration link will become active so that prospective attendees can register.

Add presenters after sending the invite

When you add presenters to the webinar after you've sent the invite, you must give them permission to present. You can do this by changing a meeting option before the webinar or by changing their role during the webinar.

Note: To add an external (guest) presenter, follow the second procedure.

To add a presenter before the webinar:

  1. Select the event in your calendar and then select Edit.

  2. Add the new presenter to the Presenters or Optional presenters line in the invite.

  3. Select Send update in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  4. Select the event in your calendar and then select Edit.

  5. Next to Go to meeting options, select Change options.

    Select Change options to the right of Go to meeting options

  6. On the Meeting options page, next to Select presenters for this meeting, enter the name of the additional presenter.

    Select Specific people (the third option)

  7. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

To let attendees know about the new presenter, see Change webinar details–To inform registered attendees.

To change someone's role during the webinar:

  1. Send the webinar join info to the person who will be presenting. The info is available towards the bottom of the webinar event in the calendar, under Microsoft Teams meeting.

  2. At meeting time, let the presenter into the webinar.

  3. Click Show participants in your meeting controls to see a list of all the people in the webinar.

  4. Point to the name of the person whose role you want to change and select More options > Make a presenter.

What's next?

Publicize a webinar

Change webinar details

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