Thursday, June 2, 2022

Prepare your team for technical integration - Google Merchant Center Help [gg-merchants-en]

Onboarding guide

Prepare your team for technical integration

This page provides a brief overview of the technical integration steps for Google Customer Reviews to help you prepare your team. The step-by-step integration details can be found in the integration guide.

Integrate the order confirmation module

To begin collecting reviews, add the survey opt-in module to your website. The survey opt-in module lets us send customers an invitation to rate their purchasing experience once they've received their product. Google Customer Reviews requires the survey opt-in be displayed to all your customers.

Optional: Integrate the badge code

The website badge is a customizable image used to alert customers to your participation in Google Customer Reviews and star rating (if your seller rating is available). 

Optional: Modify the survey opt-in to gather product reviews

You may collect product reviews and participate in Product Ratings via Google Customer Reviews.

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