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Image creatives - Display & Video 360 Help [gg-displayvideo-en]

Image creatives

An image creative is an image that a person can click to visit your landing page. Display & Video 360 supports images in GIF, JPG, or PNG formats the use the RGB color format.

Image creatives in Display & Video 360 are automatically AMPHTML Ads compliant. AMPHTML ads deliver faster, lighter, and more secure ad experiences across all platforms.

Before you get started

Review the display creative guidelines for asset requirements and best practices.

Upload an image creative

  1. Open an advertiser, then click Creatives in the left menu.

  2. Click New and then Upload and then HTML5 or image.

  3. Enter a name for the creative in Display & Video 360.

  4. Drag your creative's image file from your computer and drop it over "Drag file here". Or, click Upload, then select an image from your computer. Image creatives hosted by Display & Video 360 can be up to 10 MB.


  5. Enter a landing page URL, beginning with http:// or https://. URLs can be at most 1024 characters long.

  6. Save your creative.

Once a creative has been added to Display & Video 360, the creative will be manually and automatically reviewed to ensure the creative functions correctly and is compliant with the creative policies of both Display & Video 360 and any inventory sources that have explicit creative requirements. You'll see information about the creative's review status in the Creative status tab of the creative. Learn more about the creative review process.

 Advanced contentAdvanced settings

The following settings are optional.

  • By default, when your creative is served as an interstitial in a mobile app, if it's not as wide as the device's screen, Display & Video 360 will automatically scale the creative to fit while keeping the same aspect ratio. If you wish to disable scaling, check Don't scale to fit device width. To allow scaling, leave the box unchecked.
  • Click Additional details to append a tracking tag to the creative, add an integration code, or notes.

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