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Exchange reporting for Open Bidding - Authorized Buyers Help [gg-authorizedbuyers-en]

Exchange reporting for Open Bidding

Monitor delivery and optimize your configuration
Open Bidding provides publishers and buyers with a unified reporting system. Below are the dimensions and metrics that exchanges can use to monitor delivery and maximize yield.
This article is for ad exchanges
If you're a publisher, learn about reporting for publishers.

Create a new report

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click Reporting.
  3. Click New report.
  4. Enter a meaningful report name.
  5. Select a date range for your report. You can report on data up to 18 months in the past.
  6. (Optional) Click Filter to refine your report data and include only items you specify. Applying filters can also help reports run more quickly.
  7. Choose which data to display in your report by including report dimensions and metrics.
  8. (Optional) Add editors—other users allowed to edit your report settings. 
  9. Save and run your report.
    • If you want to run the report later, click Save and give the report a meaningful name. If scheduled, your report will run according to the schedule you've defined. Otherwise, you can come back to run or edit this report in the future.
    • If you want to generate report results now, click Run. After your report has loaded, you can edit the report inline, send the report results, or export the report results.

Report dimensions

Dimension name Description
Hours Activity by hour. Can also be shown as a range.
Days Activity by day. Can also be shown as a range.
Weeks Activity by week. Can also be shown as a range.
Months Activity by month. Can also be shown as a range.
Sites Shows data for publisher domains and subdomains.
Countries Shows the countries where users viewed ads on the publisher's inventory.
Creative sizes

Shows the actual winning ad size of the creative. Here are additional creative size labels:

  • Shows Dynamic when the ad call is filled by a Google Ads ad. This label is applied when the creatives have no defined size, such as a text ad.
  • Shows Video/Overlay when the ad call is an overlay ad inside a video player.
  • Shows Unmatched when the ad requests are not matched with an ad.
Platforms Shows the different types of devices and platforms (for example, desktop computer, a high-end mobile device or another mobile device) that advertisers serve ads on.
Web property name Shows the name of the publisher Ad Exchange web property through which Open Bidding transacted.
Billing IDs Shows the unique identifier of the Pretargeting configuration.
Mobile app IDs Shows mobile app unique identifier from the iTunes or Google Play store.
Mobile app names Shows mobile app names from the iTunes or Google Play store. For example, "Angry Birds".

Report metrics

 Standard metrics

Metric name Description
Ad impressions The count of ads which are served to a user.
Clicks The number of times a user clicked on an ad.

For standard ads, your ad click-through rate (CTR) is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of individual ad impressions expressed as a percentage.

Ad CTR = Clicks / Ad impressions * 100

CPC The cost-per-click (CPC) is the average amount you pay each time a user clicks on your ad.
Advertiser cost Cost of the ad impression.

Cost per thousand impressions.

CPM = (Cost / Ad impressions) * 1000

Bid metrics

Metric name Description
Inventory matches Number of requests that matched a buyer's pretargeting.
Bid requests Number of times a yield group buyer is asked to return bid to fill a yield group request.
Successful responses Number of times a yield group a buyer successfully returned a bid in response to a yield group callout, even if that response is "no bids."

Number of bids received from Open Bidding buyers, regardless of whether the returned bid competes in an auction.

This number might be greater than Yield group callouts because a buyer can return multiple bids per response.

Bids in auction

Number of bids received from Open Bidding buyers that competed in the auction.

A bid might not compete in the auction because the bid contained a creative that has already been scanned and found to violate policy. Learn more about Authorized Buyers policies and enforcement.

Auctions won Number of winning bids received from Open Bidding buyers. This may not equal impressions because of auctions won where the ad wasn't rendered or when a Mediation list is returned to the publisher's mobile app and another buyer fills the request.


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