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Targeting templates - Campaign Manager 360 Help [gg-campaignmanager-en]

Manage targeting

Targeting templates

Targeting templates are reusable sets of targeting criteria that you can use across an advertiser. Instead of setting the same targeting parameters by hand in individual standard ads, set up one targeting template and use it in multiple ads.

Targeting templates contain the same targeting parameters as standard ads:

You can set up targeting templates in your advertiser and add them throughout the trafficking workflow.

Add a new targeting template to an advertiser
  1. Select an advertiser.
  2. Navigate to the Targeting templates tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. Give your targeting template a name.
  5. Fill in the targeting criteria you want to use for the template.
  6. Click Save.
Add a targeting template to a standard ad

To add a targeting template to a single standard ad:

  1. Select a standard ad or create a new one.
  2. In the Targeting section, select an existing targeting template.
  3. Click Save.

To add the same targeting template to multiple standard ads in the same campaign:

  1. Select one or more ads in your campaign view.
  2. Click Edit multiple.
  3. Select the targeting template you want to use in the Ads section.
  4. Click Make changes.
Add a targeting template to a creative that uses dynamic asset selection

In-stream video creatives with dynamic asset selection use targeting templates to determine what assets from the creative serve. Learn more about dynamic asset selection.

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