Monday, May 30, 2022

Safari browser support [MS]

Teams preview won't open in Safari

Safari 11.0 uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to block third-party tracking cookies. Because of the way Intelligent Tracking Prevention categorizes cookies, gets lumped into this category (even though is not a tracking domain), and Microsoft Teams is prevented from opening.

If you want to use Teams in Safari while Safari browser support is in preview, go to Preferences > Privacy  and uncheck the Prevent cross-site tracking  setting. Then, close your browser and navigate back to in Safari. 


  • Changing this setting may impact your experience on other websites.

  • Once Safari is fully supported for Teams, you will no longer need this workaround.

When you're done using Teams in Safari, go to Preferences > Privacy  and check the Prevent cross-site tracking  setting again.

Read more about Intelligent Tracking Prevention here.

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