Sunday, May 15, 2022

Preleveled Finish (task field) [MS]

Data Type    Date

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Preleveled Finish field contains the finish date of a task as it was before resource leveling was done.

How Calculated    Before Microsoft Office Project levels resources, it saves the current finish dates for tasks in the Preleveled Finish field.

Best Uses    Add the Preleveled Finish field to a task sheet if you want to examine the effects of resource leveling on your project's finish dates.

Example    Two resources in your schedule were overloaded, so you applied resource leveling to the project. You now want to see the effects of the leveling on your task finish dates. You add the Preleveled Finish field next to the Finish field in the Task Sheet view to make your comparisons.

Remarks    You can use the Leveling Gantt view to see the preleveled finish date shown with the preleveled Gantt bars. Once you've leveled the project, specific tasks will have preleveled finish dates that you cannot remove.

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