Friday, May 13, 2022

Play My Emails [MS]

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Try it!

Get started with Outlook on your iOS or Android device, use Play My Emails to skip, flag, archive, and delete emails, and personalize Play My Emails.

Get started

  1. Select your account picture to open the side menu

  2. Tap the Play button

  3. Complete set up instructions

  4. Start listening and interacting with your inbox using voice assistance from Cortana

Use Cortana

To use Cortana with Play My Emails, say "Hey Cortana" and then say the following actions:

  • Skip

  • Flag

  • Archive

  • Delete

Personalize Play My Emails

  • Select Account > Play My Emails. From here, you can: 

    • Customize swipe options

    • Keep emails as unread

    • Choose Cortana's voice

    • Ask Siri to Play My Emails

Want more?

Outlook for iOS and Android FAQ

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