Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Overwrite site translations [MS]

When you use a multilingual user interface and enable users to manually translate site elements in their preferred language, you can choose to overwrite their individual translations when a change is made to the same elements in the default language. 

For example, let's say your default site language is English, and you have a Spanish version interface of the same site. The Spanish interface version contains all of the same navigation items as the default site. If the site owner of the Spanish interface updates a navigation item with translated text, you choose to overwrite that change when a change is made to the navigation on the English site. This will keep the navigation on all sites in alignment, but will undo the changes made by the Spanish site owner.

User interface elements include:

  • Site title and description

  • SharePoint default menus

  • Default columns

  • Custom columns (list or site)

  • Navigation bar links

  • Managed metadata services

  • Content Editor web part on classic publishing pages

Note: This option does not apply to page content.

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