Monday, May 9, 2022

Overallocated (assignment field) [MS]

Data Type    Yes/No

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Overallocated field indicates whether a resource is assigned to more work on a specific task than can be done within the resource's normal working capacity.

How Calculated    If an assignment is overallocated, the Overallocated field contains Yes. An assignment is overallocated if the assignment work by itself causes the resource to be overallocated.

Best Uses    Add the Overallocated field to the sheet portion of the Task Usage or Resource Usage view when you want to review or filter for the assigned resources that have more work on specific assignments than they can do within their normal working capacity. You can then take action by assigning other resources or adding overtime.

Example    Sean's normal working day is an 8-hour day. If you assign Sean to an assignment that requires 10 hours of work in a single day, the Overallocated field for this assignment is set to Yes.

Remarks    You can also see whether an individual resource is overallocated by viewing the resource in the Resource Graph view.

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