Sunday, May 8, 2022

Outlook for Android Help [MS]

What does the Discover feature not show on my Search Page? 

What documents are shown in the Discover feature? 

Who can see my documents in their Discover slab? 

What are Civic Engagement cards? 

How do I get Civic Engagement cards for my country? 

How do I show the Civic Engagement cards in my Outlook Experience? 

How do I remove the Civic Engagement cards from my Outlook Experience? 

Where do I find out more information about Voter Registration in the US? 

What version of Android does your app support? 

Do you support Hotmail, MSN, and Live? 

How do I add a Google Apps account? 

How do I consolidate / unify my email accounts in my inbox? 

How do I view a single email account in my inbox? 

What's the difference between delete and archive? 

How do I delete an email? 

How do I archive an email? 

How do I write/create/compose a new email message? 

How do I view my sent, trash, archive and other folders? 

How do I sort my inbox by unread, flagged/starred, or attachments? 

How do I select multiple emails? 

Where can I find the app settings? 

Does Outlook work with Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams meeting? 

Why can't I create a recurring event in Outlook on my phone? 

Can I set up the app to fetch email only when the app is open? 

What are Calendar Apps? 

What are the limitations of my connected Calendar Apps on Android? 

How do I switch between my accounts without the navigation bar dismissing? 

Why do my attached images embed automatically in my messages? 

How can I export Outlook contacts from my Exchange account? 

Upgrade to Microsoft 365 

How do I get to the page that shows all my files, including those from my cloud storage accounts? 

How do I search for contacts? 

What's the fastest way to search for an attachment in my mail? 

How do I search within a specific account? 

What are the suggestions I see when I tap on the search box? 

How can I free up space on my Android device so Outlook and other apps can run more smoothly? 

How do I send an email? 

How do I switch between reply all/reply/forward? How do I edit recipients? 

How much of my mailbox data is synchronized with Outlook for iOS and Android? 

Can I delete a folder on Outlook? 

I am just setting up an account and I'm unable to send email. 

How do I take action on just one message in a conversation? 

I don't see the option to Add a Teams Meeting, I only see Skype Meeting. 

How can I manage my Outlook tasks on mobile? 

How do I add a calendar that is already on my device to Outlook? 

How much of my email does your app sync? 

Does Outlook for Android support adding POP3 accounts? 

What is the difference between POP and IMAP? 

What email services does your app support? 

Getting Support. 

Outlook Dogfood. 

How can I leave a feature request or feedback on the design of the app? 

How do you report an issue or bug? 

Updating your email account password. 

Why is my Microsoft Exchange account disabled? 

How do I clear the cache or locally reset/refresh the client/app? 

How do I manually enter my Exchange account information? 

What is the phone partnerships limit? 

Error: Invalid IMAP Server Info 

Error: SMTP Invalid Server Info 

Error: SMTP Autodiscover Failed 

Error: SMTP SSL Check Failed 

Error: SMTP Secure Connection Not Available 

Error: IMAP Autodiscover Failed 

How do I enter IMAP port numbers? 

I can't add a second Microsoft 365 account to my Outlook app. What's going on?

After I changed my primary alias on my account, I can't log back in. 

Is there a limit to how many accounts I can add to my Outlook app? 

I see Error403, or disallowed_useragent and a Google error. What's up? 

How can I recover my password for Microsoft accounts: Including, Hotmail, Live, MSN, OneNote etc.? 

I don't see how to forward or reply to a message anymore. It used to be on the bottom navigation bar. Where did it go? 

Where are my starred and important folders in my Gmail account? 

2 factor authentication with AOL accounts 

I haven't used Outlook for a while. Why are my messages taking a long time to sync on my Gmail or Exchange accounts? 

My notifications are delayed and my mail isn't syncing quickly, or until I open Outlook for Android. Battery Optimization Settings 

Mailbox Quota Exceeded 

Failed to add Microsoft 365 account or cannot sync new messages with your existing Microsoft 365 account 

NoSuchAccountException: Login Error 

Access Denied: Login Error 

WrongServerType: Login Error 

Error: New Contact Security Notice 

Why can't I see my calendar or contacts from my Yahoo account? 

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