Sunday, May 8, 2022

Outline Number (task field) [MS]

Data Type    Text

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Outline Number field contains the number that represents a task's position in the hierarchical outline structure. The outline number is similar to a work breakdown structure (WBS) number, except that the outline number is automatically entered by Project.

How Calculated    Project assigns the Outline Number according to the task's sequence and outline level in the project outline hierarchy. The first task has an outline number of 1. The subtask that appears directly under that first summary task has an outline number of 1.1. Another subtask on the same level has an outline number of 1.2. The first subtask of that subtask has an outline number of 1.2.1. A task with an outline number of 7.2 indicates that it's the second subtask under the seventh top-level task.

Best Uses    Add the Outline Number field to a task view when you want to display the position of a task within the project's outline structure. You can also use outline numbers as WBS codes, which identify tasks by number and indicate the tasks' positions within the project.

Example    When reporting on task progress, you prefer to use the outline numbers rather than the task names. You add the Outline Number field to the Task Sheet view to see the outline numbers.

Remarks    You can specify that the outline number be displayed in the task sheet beside the task name in the Project Options dialog box.

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