Friday, May 6, 2022

Open a hyperlink [MS]

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When you edit a presentation, you can open (or follow) a hyperlink by doing the following:

Open a hyperlink while editing a presentation

  1. Right-click the hyperlink and select Open Hyperlink on the shortcut menu.

    On the right-click menu that opens, click Open Hyperlink.
  2. Click Open Hyperlink.

Test your hyperlinks in Slide Show before your present to others to ensure that they work as expected.

In PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint 2019, in Normal view, you can also open a hyperlink by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking the hyperlink. 

Open a hyperlink during a slide show

You can open a hyperlink during a slide show by clicking the link.

  1. Click Slide Show > From Beginning to start your slide show presentation.

  2. When you see a hyperlink in the presentation, click the underlined text to open, or follow, the hyperlink.

    Click the link to open it.

    The slide show remains active when the link opens. You might need to close the linked webpage or file to return to your presentation.

Create a hyperlink on a slide

See Add a hyperlink to a slide.

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