Friday, May 6, 2022

Open another person's Exchange Contacts [MS]

You can open another Microsoft Outlook user's Exchange Contacts folder, so long as they have granted you permission. If you need permission, a permission request email message is sent to the other person.

Note:  A Microsoft Exchange Server account is required.

  1. In People, click Home

  2. In the Share group, click Open Shared Contacts.

  3. Type a name in the Name box, or click Name to select a name from the Address Book.

    Only the default Contacts folder can be shared. If you or someone else has created additional contact folders, those can't be shared.

  4. Click OK.

If the person whose Contacts folder that you want to open hasn't granted you permission to do this, a sharing request email message opens. This message allows you to request permissions to view another person's Contacts folder. You can also allow your Contacts to be shared with the sharing request recipient.

After you access a shared Contacts folder for the first time, that Contacts folder is added to the folder pane under Shared Contacts. The next time that you want to view the shared Contacts folder, you can go directly to the contacts folder in the Folder Pane.

Remove a contacts folder

When you no longer want to see someone's contacts folder, in the Shared Contacts list, right-click the folder name, and then click Delete Folder.

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