Monday, May 9, 2022

About the new Google Sites - Google Workspace Admin Help [gg-a-en]

About the new Google Sites

This article is for administrators of the new Google Sites (Publish button at the top right). Get administrator help for classic Google Sites.

Because the new Sites is a Google Drive service, the Drive sharing settings also determine how people can share and publish their sites.

How can I start using Sites?

Enable or disable Sites

You can turn off access to Sites, or turn off people's ability to create sites.

Note: The new Sites is turned on by default, so no action is required unless you turned it off, and want to turn it back on.

Manage sharing and other options

Because the new Sites is a part of Drive, you can define user options (such as sharing) using Drive settings

Support your Site users

Get your users started quickly with easy-to-follow tutorials and quick start videos.

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