Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Prepare for launch - Transit Partners Help [gg-transitpartners-en]

Launch process

Prepare for launch

Once you've fixed all reported issues and your Google team approves your GTFS-realtime feed, we'll reach out to agree on a specific launch date. You can request a launch date, but keep in mind that your realtime feed takes 2-3 days to launch from the time of approval.

Your launch request may bring up additional feed issues. All issues must be resolved before your realtime transit information can be launched.

Realtime feed reports

Realtime feed reports keep you informed of the status of your GTFS-realtime feed both before and after launch, and allow you to track a variety of metrics connected to the quality of your feed data. You can access your realtime feed reports at any time via the Transit partner dashboard interface. Learn more about how to access and read realtime feed reports.

PR approval

Before publishing press releases or other PR announcement about your integration with Google Transit Realtime, please contact Google for approval.

GTFS-realtime feed issue notifications

Occasionally, new issues may arise in your GTFS-realtime feed after initial launch. To stay on top of these issues, we recommend signing up to receive email notifications from your Google team. Learn more about receiving feed issue notifications.

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