Saturday, April 30, 2022

Multi-Object shape [MS]

In a collaboration diagram, a multi-object MultiObject shape iconrepresents a set of object roles on the ''many'' end of an association role. A multi-object is used within a collaboration to show operations that address the entire set of objects as a unit rather than a single object in it. To indicate an operation on each object in the set, use a single message that includes an iteration and add a many indicator (*) to the target role name.

Name a Multi-Object shape and add other property values

Open the element's UML Properties dialog box by double-clicking the icon that represents the element in the tree view or the shape that represents the element in a diagram.


Control which property values display on a shape in a diagram by right-clicking the shape, and then clicking Shape Display Options. In the UML Shape Display Options dialog box, select and clear options to display or hide property values.

Control which property values are displayed on the Multi-Object shape

Right-click the shape, click Shape Display Options, and then select or clear options to show or hide values.

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