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Move files from Team Drive to SharePoint [MS]

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You can move your company's files from G Suite to Microsoft 365 by downloading them from Team Drives and uploading them to Microsoft 365 SharePoint sites.

  1. In your browser, click the Google apps menu, and then choose Drive.

  2. In your Google Drive, choose Team Drives.

  3. Under Team Drives, open the folder you want to move.

  4. Select all of your documents, right-click, and then choose Download.

  5. When you see that your files have been compressed into a .zip file, select Open to open your compressed files in File Explorer.

  6. Sign in to Microsoft 365, open the app launcher, choose SharePoint, and then choose the SharePoint site where you want to upload the files.

  7. In the SharePoint site menu, choose Documents.

  8. In File Explorer, select all of your compressed files from G Suite and drag them to the Documents folder on your site.

When you switch from G Suite to Microsoft 365, you'll want to bring your company's files with you. To do this, you'll download your files from Team Drives and then upload them to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Sites. Here's how.

Open the Google Apps menu and select Drive. From here, select Team Drives.

Choose the folder you wish to move. Select all of your documents. Right-click and choose Download.

Your files will be compressed into a downloadable .zip file. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the number and size of the files, this might take a while.

After the .zip file has been downloaded, select Open, which will open the compressed files in File Explorer.

Now, sign in online to Microsoft 365. Open the app launcher, select SharePoint, and go to the site that you want to move the files to. And select Documents.

Switch back to the File Explorer with your compressed files from G Suite. Select all of the files, and drag them to the Documents folder on your site.

The files that were previously downloaded from Google Team Drives are available on your Microsoft 365 SharePoint site, and are ready for everyone in the company to start working on them.

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