Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Measure success in Yammer [MS]

After your network is up and running, measure success to understand your community's engagement and activity, and inform your efforts to improve, grow, or execute campaigns in your communities.

Measure and grow engagement with Community Insights

Gain insights on how people are using Yammer in your organization, with reporting capabilities that provide an extensive view into Yammer usage and adoption at the user, device, and community levels:

  1. Microsoft 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard

  2. Microsoft 365 Adoption Content Pack

  3. Microsoft Graph reporting APIs

Anyone within a community can view community insights by selecting View Community Insights.

Yammer community insights help you measure your community's reach and engagement. You can find out more about the people, conversations, and questions & answers that make up your community.

  1. Select About under the community image to op the About page. You can see a summary of community insights that highlight two metrics: Active People and Posted Messages.

  2. To see the full community insights experience, select See More.
    The Overview section of the Community Insights page appears.

  • Observe predominant activity - posting, reading, or liking messages - of community members and non-members

  • Get a glimpse of how key metrics - for example, number of active people, number of posted messages - have changed since the previous period

Community insights also show you how activities are trending over time. The visualized trends show the contributions to activity of the community, to help you track engagement with content from campaigns or initiatives hosted on Yammer, report back to leaders, and optimize efforts.

Join the Driving Adoption Community

Connect and discuss the latest topics and best practices in driving cloud adoption.

  • Go to Driving adoption - your community to help users make the most of Microsoft Cloud Services.

 Want More?

View community insights in Yammer

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