Tuesday, April 26, 2022

MaximizeWindow Macro Action [MS]

If Access is configured to use overlapping windows instead of tabbed documents, you can use the MaximizeWindow macro action to enlarge the active window so that it fills the Access window. This action will allow you to see as much of the object in the active window as possible.

Note: This action can't be applied to code windows in the Visual Basic Editor. For information about how to affect code windows, see the WindowState property topic.

Note: Beginning in Access 2010, the Maximize macro action was renamed to MaximizeWindow.

Note: The MaximizeWindow macro action isn't available in Access web apps.


The MaximizeWindow macro action doesn't have any arguments.


This action has the same effect as clicking the Maximize button in the window's upper-right corner or clicking Maximize on the window's Control menu.

You can use the Restore macro action to restore a maximized window to its previous size.


  • You may need to use the SelectObject macro action if the window you want to maximize isn't the active window.

  • When you maximize a window in Access, all other windows are also maximized when you open them or switch to them. However, pop-up forms aren't maximized. If you want a form to maintain its size when other windows are maximized, set its PopUp property to Yes.

To run the MaximizeWindow macro action in a Visual Basic for Applications module, use the Maximize method of the DoCmd object.

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