Monday, April 25, 2022

Master your meetings [MS]

Meetings are one of many tools at your disposal to get stuff done together. Here are a couple of pointers that have helped us to manage our meetings more effectively:

Before the meeting

  • Set an agenda. This lets all the invitees know exactly what the meeting is about and what will be shared.

  • Give plenty of notice when scheduling your meeting. Meetings run smoother when everyone's had enough time to prepare.

  • Ensure everyone has been invited. Double-check that you've included everyone who needs to be at the meeting. If you've invited guests, make sure that you've used the correct email address so they can join in via the Teams app or right from their browser.

  • If you work with people across multiple time zones, check to make sure that the meeting takes place during their regular working hours. Nobody likes getting woken up in the middle of the night…

During the meeting

  • You have an opportunity right before the meeting starts to check that everything is in order. Open Device Settings  Settings button and make sure you have the correct webcam and microphone set. While you're there, you can also make use of the built-in noise suppression feature, which is useful for filtering out distracting sounds like keyboard taps or noisy pets.

  • Need to bring someone into the call? Select People  Show Participant icon and invite people directly or share the meeting link by selecting Share invite.

  • The meeting chat is always available to you if need to drop a URL or share a file with the people in the meeting. Messages and files shared in the chat during calls will remain visible to everyone even after the meeting has finished.

  • Not everything needs words, use Reactions to be more expressive and get your point across when you're on mute or have your video turned off.

  • If you're having trouble hearing people in the meeting or just want a play-by-play of the action, you can turn on Live captions under More  More options button to get real-time subtitles as people talk.

  • Share your entire screen or just a single window in the meeting.  This way you can walk everyone through documents, present a PowerPoint presentation, or just have people follow along. If you plan on sharing anything containing audio such as a video clip, make sure the Include computer sound option is turned on so participants can hear the audio on their end.

After the meeting

  • Send out action items to people in the group. These can be notes you took during the meeting or things to follow up on. To help you stay organized, try using a task list to assign actions to individual people so everyone stays on track.

  • And if one meeting isn't enough, try scheduling a recurring meeting using the Calendar.

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