Monday, April 25, 2022

Manage your Teams calendar [MS]

Manage your Teams calendar

Change your calendar view to suit how you like to work, and quickly jump forward to upcoming events or back through the past.

Change the calendar view

By default, you'll be shown your work week.

  • Select the down arrow next to Work week at the top right of your calendar.

    Select down arrow next to Work Week in the top right of page

Day gives you an agenda view focused on one day at a time.

Work week shows you Monday through Friday.

Week shows you the entire week.

View different dates

In the top left corner you'll find the month and year.

Change month and year in top left of page

  • To change your calendar view to any date—past or future—select the month.

  • To scroll by day or week (depending on your calendar view), select the right and left arrows next to the month.

  • Select Today to return to the current date.

Note: The calendar shows you everything that was scheduled in Teams, Exchange, and Outlook.

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