Monday, April 18, 2022

Learning content [MS]

Content providers

You'll see content from different providers depending on your organization. When you select content to play, you'll land on a page asking you to sign in. If you don't know the information you need to sign in, you'll need to contact your admin.

Third party learning management system and content experiences

Content accessible through Viva Learning is subject to terms other than the Microsoft Product Terms. Learn more about terms and conditions

Note: Your personal subscriptions to non-Microsoft learning providers can't be integrated with Viva Learning. If you see content in Viva Learning that you aren't able to sign into using your work account, contact your administrator to see if that learning can be made available to you. 

LinkedIn Learning

If LinkedIn Learning is enabled for your organization, you'll be able to play courses in the embedded viewer in Viva Learning. You'll need to use the Open in LinkedIn option in the toolbar to access advanced features such as transcripts and instructor Q&A. You can also visit LinkedIn Learning help.

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