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Import or link to Dataverse tables [MS]

Note    This feature is in public beta and only available to Insiders. For more information on how to participate, see

You can link to any Dataverse table from Access, not just the ones that you migrate. Perhaps the table is already used in a pre-built Power app. Or the app is used with other products such as Excel, SharePoint, or SQL Server. You can enhance the app with Access by linking to those tables and creating forms, reports, queries, and other objects.


Make sure you set up your Access and Power Apps environment first. For more information, see the "Before you begin" section in Migrate Access data to Dataverse.


  1. Start Access, select Account, select Switch Account. The Account dialog box opens.

  2. Make sure you are signed into Access with the same credentials you use in Power Apps.

  3. Open the Access database for which you want to import or link Dataverse tables.

  4. Select External Data > New Data Source > From Online Services > From Dataverse. The Get External Data – Dataverse dialog box opens.

  5. In the Import data from Dataverse environment dialog box, select an instance URL from the list provided by the Global Discovery Service.

  6. Do one of the following: 

    • Import       Select Import the source data into a new table in the current database. 

    • Link       Select Link the data source by creating a linked table

  7. Select OK

    As a security precaution, you may be asked to re-enter your Power Apps account credentials.

  8. In the Link Tables or Import Objects dialog box, under Tables, select each table that you want to link or import, and then click OK.

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