Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Import data from the web [MS]

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Get started with Power Query and take your data transformation skills to the next level. First, let's import some data.

Note      Although the videos in this training are based on Excel for Microsoft 365, we've added instructions as video labels if you are using Excel 2016. 

  1. Download the template tutorial that accompanies this training, from here, and then open it.

  2. On the Import Data from Web worksheet, copy the URL, which is a Wikipedia page for the FIFA World Cup standings.

  3. Select Data > Get & Transform > From Web.

  4. Press CTRL+V to paste the URL into the text box, and then select OK.

  5. In the Navigator pane, under Display Options, select the Results table.

    Power Query will preview it for you in the Table View pane on the right.

  6. Select Load. Power Query transforms the data and loads it as an Excel table.

  7. Double-click the sheet tab name and then rename it "World Cup Results".

Tip    To get updates to this World Cup data, select the table, and then select Query Refresh.

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