Sunday, April 3, 2022

I'm getting a "Disk full" message in OneDrive [MS]

I'm getting a "Disk full" message in OneDrive


You get a disk full message when trying to move files into OneDrive.


  1. Use the Disk Clean-up utility (Start > Disk Clean-up in Windows, or Optimize Storage in Mac) to free up some working space for OneDrive.

  2. Move your files into the OneDrive folder.

  3. Click the OneDrive taskbar/menubar icon and open OneDrive > Settings > Account > Choose folders to make sure you don't sync any unwanted to your computer.

  4. Once the sync is complete, right-click the files and folders you want to be online only and choose Clear space to remove the files from your computer.

  5. Empty your computer's Recycle Bin/Trash.

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For more information, see What do I do if my OneDrive says it's full?

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