Thursday, April 28, 2022

Forecast on vCPM - Google Ad Manager Help [gg-admanager-en]

Line items

Forecast on vCPM

Before you book inventory in a line item, you can confirm whether viewable ad impressions will be available. By being able to see available viewable inventory for a given timeframe, you can forecast the potential ad delivery of viewable-impression-sold campaigns. You can also see a prediction of the remaining viewable inventory for a line item that's already delivering.

To run this type of forecast, you use the same "Check inventory" and "Deliver forecast" functionality that's available in Ad Manager for traditional (CPM) impressions. The resulting availability numbers for viewable impressions appear in the forecasting UI. The summary above the forecast bar includes the following:

  • The forecast projects whether the viewable impression goal is likely to deliver, taking into account the available viewable inventory, contending line items, and the current targeting.
    Example: Your goal of 50,000,000 viewable impresisons is likely to deliver.
  • The forecast estimates how many total impressions will likely be required to deliver the projected number of viewable impressions. The higher the viewability of the line item and your inventory, the smaller the difference between the total number of impressions projected to meet the viewable goal.
    Example: It will likely take 300,000,000 total impressions to deliver this viewable line item.

Below the bar, you'll see the forecasting numbers described here.

Note the following:
  • This section describes forecasting, which is a projection of what might happen in the future. Click here to learn more about reporting for viewable impressions, which provides data on what actually did happen in the past.
  • While you can forecast on viewable video or in-app line items, you can't currently create them in Ad Manager.
  • Forecasts for viewable impressions don't take frequency caps into account.

To see a forecast of viewable impressions

You'll see how many total impressions (viewable and non-viewable) it should take to hit your goal.

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