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About your Google Ads account limits - Google Ads Help [gg-google-ads-en]

About your Google Ads account limits

Your account has maximum limits on areas like the maximum number of keywords you can have. While you'll likely never notice them, keep these limits in mind when planning your future advertising efforts.

This article lists limits for several key areas of your Google Ads account.

Campaign and ad group limits

  • 10,000 campaigns per account (includes active and paused)
  • 20,000 ad groups per campaign
    • Note: Local campaigns and App campaigns are limited to 100 ad groups per campaign.
  • 20,000 ad group targeting items per ad group (such as keywords, placements, and audience lists)
  • 100 Smart Shopping campaigns per account

Ad limits

  • 300 image or gallery ads per ad group
  • 50 active text and non-image/gallery ads per ad group
  • 4 million ads per account (includes active and paused)
  • 3 enabled responsive search ads per ad group

Targeting limits

  • 5 million ad group targeting items per account (such as keywords, placements, and audience lists)
  • One million campaign targeting items per account (such as location targets and campaign-level negative keywords)
  • 10,500 location targets per campaign, targeted and excluded, including up to 500 proximity targets per campaign
  • 20 shared placement exclusion lists per account, with a maximum of 65,000 exclusions per list
  • 65,000 account-level placement exclusions per account (separate from your list, campaign, and ad group exclusions)
  • 128,000 total placement exclusions per ad group (this includes the total of your account, list, campaign, and ad group exclusions)
  • 3 placement exclusion lists for each manager account, with a maximum of 250,000 exclusions per list
  • 11,000 shared budgets per account
  • 25,000 Dynamic Search Ad targets per account
Note: In Google Ads UI, at most 5000 placements can be added at once. You can add more placements (limits above) but in one go you can't add more than 5000 placements.

Negative keyword limits

  • 20 shared negative keyword lists per account
  • 5,000 keywords per negative keyword list
  • 10,000 negative keywords per campaign
  • A maximum of 5,000 negative keywords are considered for Display Network and Video campaigns

Limits for business data and feeds

  • 5 million rows or feed items per account for dynamic ads, ETA ad customizers, and extensions
  • 40 responsive search ads (RSA) ad customizer attributes
  • 100 user-generated feeds or business data sets per account
  • 3,000 bytes per attribute (roughly 750 - 3,000 characters depending on the byte size of the character)

Ad extension limits

  • 250,000 ad group-level extensions per account
  • 50,000 campaign-level extensions per account
  • 10,000 ad group-level extensions per campaign
Example: Let's say you have one campaign with an extension containing 8 sitelinks. Then you add these same sitelinks to another campaign and also to 10 ad groups in a third campaign. Now, your account has 8 feed items, 2 campaign-level extensions, and 10 ad group-level extensions.

Manager account limits

All manager accounts can be linked to a maximum of 85,000 non-manager accounts, including both active and inactive or canceled accounts. The maximum number of active non-manager accounts your top-level manager account can be linked to is based on your accounts' total monthly spend from over the last 12 months. Learn more about maximum account limits for manager accounts

Additional Limits

Notwithstanding the above, certain combinations of campaign or creative structures within these limits may overload our systems and processes thereby interfering (or attempting to interfere) with the functioning of our programs.

For example:

  • Generating a large number of ad groups or campaigns with few creatives or keywords in each
  • Generating responsive ads with significant combinations of creative content, assets, destinations or keywords

Note: If advertisers inadvertently cause an overload on our ads systems or processes, a notification will be issued to them with specific details at least 7 days in advance to remediate the issue. No action will be taken on the advertiser's Google ads account prior to issuance of the warning notification.

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