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911 emergency service - Google Fiber Help [gg-fiber-en]

911 emergency service

You can get help in an emergency by dialing 911 from your Google Fiber Phone service at home or your mobile phone keypad.

Important: In most cases, you cannot make or receive 911 calls from the Hangouts app on your mobile phone or any other mobile device; doing so will result in an error message. If you need to call 911 from your mobile phone, use your phone's keypad or dialer.

Google Fiber Phone service outages

In the event of a complete power outage, loss of your Internet connection, or a defective Fiber device, your Google Fiber Phone service at home will be interrupted. To use your Google Fiber Phone during a power outage, we recommend you invest in a battery backup unit, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), or a generator to maintain your power supply for at least eight hours.

911 availability during Google Fiber Phone service outages

Standard calling for Google Fiber Phone is provided by the Google Voice Service, while our 911 service is through Bandwidth. If Google Voice is having a service outage, you still can dial 911 provided your handset has a dial-tone.

If the 911 service itself is down, you'll be presented with a three-beep tone and your call won't go through. In this case, you should immediately dial 911 from another handset, such as a cellular phone.

For your convenience, we've provided a 911 VoIP warning label you can download, print and place on or near your Phone Box as a reminder that your phone service may be limited or unavailable during a power outage or loss of broadband connection.

Your Google Fiber Phone service at home and mobile phones differ slightly in how they route 911 calls to emergency services.
  • Home phone service. 911 calls made from your Google Fiber Phone service at home are automatically routed to the emergency services dispatcher that has jurisdiction over the location of your home.

  • Mobile phone. Any mobile phone, including mobile phones without an account or service plan, can call 911 and be connected to emergency responders.

    Whether you are using your Google Fiber Phone service at home or any other device to call 911, you should always be prepared to provide your location and your phone number to the local 911 operator.

If you are transferring your phone number to Google Fiber Phone and need to call 911, we may not be able to provide your location to local 911 operators while the transfer is in progress.

Test your emergency service

From your Google Fiber Phone home service, dial 933. A recorded message reads the street address and callback number associated with your Google Fiber Phone home service.

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