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Map edits - Waze Help [gg-waze-en]

Map edits

You get map edits when you update segments/nodes/other objects with the Waze Map Editor. Once you reach a certain amount of map edits, you may be eligible for a map editor level upgrade.

Map Edits Table

Activity Map Edits Unit
Editing the map 3 per update
Solving map update requests 3 per request solved
Adding street names 3 per name
Adding house numbers 1 per segment
Adding Place photo 6 per photo
Updating Place 3 per detail added
Forum posts 2 per 3 posts

Got questions?

I didn't get as many map edits as I should have

There are a few reasons why this might have happened:
  • You made a large number of updates before you clicked Save. You can only earn a maximum of 150 map edits per Save. 
  • You updated multiple properties in a segment before you clicked Save. Map edits are granted per updated segment/node/object, regardless of how many properties within the segment you updated.
  • You updated the same segment multiple times within 24 hours. In this case you will only receive map edits for updating one segment.

Why don't I see my edits on the map right away?

Updates to the map are published approximately once a day. After you've saved your Map edits, they won't appear live in the Waze app or livemap until the next Map Build Process

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