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First things to know about group chats [MS]

First things to know about group chats

There are three ways to chat with people in Teams:

  • In a one-on-one chat (with one other person) 

  • In a channel on the Posts tab (with everyone on the team who follows that channel)

  • In a group chat (with a few people at once, but outside of a channel)

The following are the first things to know:

1. Name your group chat

It's a good idea to name your group chat, so it's clear what the subject of the conversation is.

To start and name a new group chat, select New chat Teams new chat iconat the top of your chat list. Select the down arrow at the right side of the To field and then enter a name in the Group name field. You'll see the name at the top of the group chat. 

To rename a group chat, select Name group chat Edit button at any time.

Group chat name

Name your group chat so it's easy to track.

2. Pin frequently used group chats

Pinning is a great way to keep track of a chat even if you only need it temporarily. 

To pin a chat, highlight the chat, then select More options More options icon>Pin.

Once you pin a chat, drag it into the order you want. Do this for several chats and you'll have all pinned chats within easy reach.

Unpin the chat when you don't need it front and center anymore. There's a limit of 15 pinned chats. 

Pin a group chat

Pin your group chats for easy access.

3. Share files and make calls from your group chat

In a group chat, you can share files and collaborate on them. Then, instantly make calls to the entire group of people in the chat.

There are two ways to share files in chats:

  1. Go to the left side of Teams, highlight the file, choose More options  More options icon> Copy link, and then paste the link directly into a message.

  2. In the toolbar under your message, select Attach  Teams assignment attach icon and upload your document.

The Files tab in your chat shows all the files you've shared with each other.

The Files tab in your chat shows all the files you've shared with each other.

Group audio call

Select Audio call Audio call button ​​​​to start a call from a group chat.

4. Choose how much chat history to include

When you need to add someone to a group chat, you have a few choices about how much conversation history you can include.

To see your choices, select View and add participants  Add participants icon in the top right corner of Teams, then select Add people. Type the names of the people that you'd like to chat with. Next, select how much of the chat history to include, and select Add.

Teams saves the entire chat history going back to the first message. And if someone leaves the group their chat responses remain in your chat history.

Add people to group

When adding someone to an existing group chat (not a one-on-one), you can include the chat history.

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