Sunday, March 13, 2022

Find expertise and resources by using social networks [MS]

Find expertise and resources by using social networks

Teachers don't always have resources at their fingertips, and they often need input and content from experts to improve their lesson plans. You need to save time searching for solutions and connect with peers more easily to create relevant, updated lesson plans.

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Connect with teachers and share resources within a Yammer group. Invite experts from your school district to give input and share their knowledge. Use @mentions to ping teachers with subject-matter expertise to help solve problems and reduce time searching for resources. Conduct polls to get feedback and input about lesson plans, plus track the latest relevant trends.

Find potentially helpful content with Intelligent Search & Discovery. It searches through the work you and your colleagues have created and surfaces relevant content based on project or lesson plan you're working on. Share the relevant content on Yammer for input and feedback to finalize your lessons.


  • Create a districtwide conversation to team up on resources.

  • Get feedback and input to improve lesson plans.

  • Find experts and content from educators across the country.

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