Sunday, March 6, 2022

Enterprise Unique ID (resource field) [MS]

Data Type    Integer

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    Enterprise resources are available to all projects in Microsoft Office Project Server. Such resources are given a unique identifier that is stored in the Enterprise Unique ID field. This enterprise unique ID is generated by Microsoft Office Project and has the same value in all projects that the enterprise resource is assigned to.

How Calculated    The enterprise unique ID is generated by Project and is a unique number in Project Server.

Best Uses    Add the Enterprise Unique ID field to a resource view when you want to highlight or filter the enterprise unique IDs, differentiating the enterprise resources from local resources.

Example    Although enterprise resources must have unique names, non-enterprise resources can have duplicate names. You add the Enterprise Unique ID field to the Resource Sheet to distinguish enterprise from non-enterprise resources by their unique IDs.

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