Sunday, March 6, 2022

Enterprise Task Outline Code1-30 (task fields) [MS]

Data Type    Outline code

Entry Type    Calculated or Entered

Description    The Enterprise Task Outline Code1 through Enterprise Task Outline Code30 custom fields contain an alphanumeric code that is defined to represent a flat list or hierarchical structure of tasks (for example, cost accounting codes associated with tasks). Outline codes are custom tags for tasks that share traits; they can be used to group tasks in a variety of ways, and also to see summarized, or rolled-up, information about a grouping. Enterprise Task Outline Code fields are defined by your project management administrator or other user with administrative permissions. These fields are then made available to all users throughout the enterprise.

How Calculated    Depending on how they were customized, an Enterprise Task Outline Code field might be defined with formulas or other conditions to display specific results.

Best Uses    Add any defined and available Enterprise Task Outline Code to a task view. You can also group, filter, and sort tasks by the outline code, which might represent the organizational structure, job codes, or cost accounting codes. To see a list of available enterprise custom resource fields, click the Custom Fields tab on the Task Information dialog box.

Example    You are the project management administrator, and you've received requests from project accountants for a function in the project plan that shows tasks grouped and summarized by cost centers. Using the checked-out enterprise global template, you define Enterprise Task Outline Code1 field for this purpose. You then check in the enterprise global template again to make the new field available to all users.

You are a project accountant, and you see that there is a new Enterprise Task Outline Code field available: "Task Cost Code" is defined for the Enterprise Task Outline Code1 field. You use this field to see tasks grouped according to the cost centers and to obtain summarized information based on this structure.

Remarks    Only someone with permission to save the enterprise global template (for example, the project management administrator) can check out and edit items in the enterprise global template. All users throughout the enterprise can then view Enterprise fields that have been defined and checked in.

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