Monday, January 3, 2022

Words that can't be used in group addresses - Google Workspace Admin Help [gg-a-en]

Words that can't be used in group addresses

This page is for administrators. To manage groups for your own account, visit Google Groups help.

Reserved words

Using Google Groups

The following words can't be used in the email addresses of groups that you create in

  • abuse
  • admin
  • administrator
  • hostmaster
  • majordomo
  • postmaster
  • root
  • ssl-admin
  • webmaster

Using the Admin console

If you create groups in the Google Admin console, you can use the reserved words shown above as a group email address. However, you can't add them as email aliases for a group.

About abuse and postmaster

Abuse and postmaster are handled differently than other reserved words. To learn more about creating and using groups with these email addresses, see Create abuse & postmaster groups.

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