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Boost news from organization news sites [MS]

Boost news from organization news sites

Boost important news and announcements in SharePoint to prioritize their visibility and increase readership across your organization. Boosted news posts display with a lightning bolt icon, except in the Viva Connections Feed web part and in the Viva Connections Feed mobile app, which will display the word boosted at the top of the post instead. You can order your boosted news to determine which shows first, and you can set an expiration date for the boosting of individual posts.

When you boost a news post, this news will display in the Feed web part for Viva Connections, Feed for Viva Connections and the Top news card in the Microsoft Teams mobile app.


  • Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted into the Targeted Release program. This means that you may not yet see this feature, or it may look different than what is described in the help articles.

  • Coming soon: boosted news posts will be shown in auto news digests, the News web part, and the SharePoint app bar. Stay tuned for more locations where boosted news will be shown.

  • You can boost news posts from organization news sites only.

  • A maximum 10 news posts can be boosted for each organization news site.

  • You must have edit permissions on the organization news site to boost news posts.

  • News that has been boosted will display in the Viva Connections Dashboard Top news card and the Feed.

  1. On your organization news site, open the published news post you want to boost.

  2. On the command bar at the top, select Boost.

    Boost command

  3. In the panel on the right, make sure the toggle for Boost is set to On.

    News boost property pane

  4. Under Boost until, select a date by which you want the news post to stop being boosted.

  5. If you have boosted multiple news posts, you can indicate the order in which they should appear under Boost in this order.Just drag or use the up and down arrows to move the news posts in the boost order you want.

Display boosted news in the Top news card on the Viva Connections Dashboard

Image of the top news card

Set up the Top news card in the Viva Connections Dashboard to surface boosted news from SharePoint. News that has been boosted will prominently display in the Top news card.

Note: You must have site member permissions or higher to your organization's home site in order to add cards and edit the Viva Connections Dashboard.

  1. From the home site, select the Settings gear at the top-right of the page.

  2. Select Set up Viva Connections.

  3. Select the + Create Dashboard button or Edit Dashboard button.

  4. Select + Add a card.

  5. Select the Top news card

  6. Edit the card to add an image, description, and icon

Note: Image recommendations for cards in the Dashboard: medium cards should be 300x150 to 400x200 with 2:1 aspect ratio and large cards 300x300 to 400x400 with 1:1 aspect ratio in order to prevent stretching in the mobile app.

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