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Be safe online [MS]

There's nothing more important than safety. Microsoft is committed to helping keep your data and devices secure, whether online or at home.​ Use the resources in this kit and rest at ease. From enhanced privacy and security features built in to Windows, to emergency plans and checklists for your home, you'll find the tools you need to prepare and stay safe.


Whether it's on your device or in the cloud, your data is yours. We're committed to technologies and policies that make the benefits of cloud computing available to everyone, and that keep the cloud inclusive, trusted, and responsible. Explore the many ways we help keep your digital life secure.

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Microsoft gives you advanced protection from viruses and cybercrime, tools to help keep your information secure and private, and ways to recover your files from malicious attacks. This infographic outlines how Microsoft helps you stay safe online.

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Keep your kids safer online

Manage your family's digital health and well-being with features like activity reporting, screen time limits, location sharing, and content restrictions with Family Safety, where you can also track kids' spending and add money to their Microsoft accounts. ​

Learn more about Family Safety

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Protect your important documents

Your stuff matters—from vacation photos to files and schedules that connect your family. Keep those files backed up and protected in the cloud with OneDrive, then access them from any device.

For extra-sensitive documents like insurance paperwork, birth certificates, and tax records, Personal Vault brings an additional layer of protection with identity verification.​ ​Your data and memories are safe and fully in your control.

Easily manage family devices and accounts

Tired of losing devices? Turn on location sharing to keep track of kids and find your device if it goes missing.

Then, visit the Microsoft Account page to keep track of all your accounts in one place.

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Protect your info with passwords

Use OneDrive to require a password to access a shared link. This prevents others from accessing your files if the recipient forwards or shares the link.

Learn more about password protection

Manage passwords

With so much of our lives online, it can be tough to remember and manage all your passwords. Microsoft Edge can save your passwords so you don't have to remember. And Windows Hello uses fingerprint or facial recognition instead of a password.​

Save or forget passwords in Microsoft Edge

Go passwordless on your Windows 10 device

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Know where everyone's at

Know who should be where—and when—with an integrated family calendar that keeps everyone coordinated.

Learn about shared family calendars

Protect yourself from phishing

Phishing is an attack that attempts to steal your money, or your identity, by getting you to divulge personal information on websites that pretend to be legitimate sites.

Learn more about how to prevent phishing

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Recover files from malicious attacks

Microsoft 365 alerts you of a ransomware or malicious attack and helps you restore your OneDrive files to a previous time, so they're not held captive by cybercriminals.

Learn about ransomware detection and recovery

Learn about restoring your OneDrive

Encrypt email to minimize threats

Use email encryption in to share your confidential and personal information and minimize the threat of your email being intercepted or leaked to cybercriminals.

Learn more about email encryption

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At home

When it comes to your home, staying safe often means staying ahead of problems. Our tools will help you get plans and records in place before you need them, so you're always protected.

Take inventory of your home

Keep an inventory of your valuables, including serial and model numbers, purchase date, and price.

Open the home inventory list

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Stay prepared with household safety

Use this comprehensive safety checklist to make sure your household is ready for anything.

Get the safety checklist

Want more?

Prepare for an emergency

Learn about other ways to manage your life with Microsoft 365

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