Friday, January 7, 2022

Analyze and visualize HR data with intuitive tools [MS]

Analyze and visualize HR data with intuitive tools

Compiling and analyzing HR data can be hard when teams are focused on improving employee engagement across the organization. You need an easy way to help employees get insights about their productivity and give companies an aggregated view of their teams to improve processes.

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HR teams can quickly import and analyze data using Excel. Use the Get & Transform function to import data from multiple HR systems, then use formatting, charts, and graphs to filter data and understand the variables you need to present. 

After you've analyzed your data, use Power BI to present your insights in a meaningful way. Power BI uses an interactive dashboard that makes it easy for stakeholders to see insights. 

Employees can learn about their individual productivity with MyAnalytics. It shows them how much time they spend in meetings versus how much time they have to focus on work. It's completely private, so employees only see their own data. 

Companies can use Workplace Analytics to view and evaluate their team productivity. Workplace Analytics pulls aggregated results from MyAnalytics, but the employees' information remains private. Managers can see if their teams spend too much time in meetings or responding to emails and set up new processes to improve productivity.


  • Import and manage your data more efficiently.

  • Present data using interactive visuals to help make informed decisions.

  • Improve individual and team productivity with insights into how employees spend their time.

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Human Resources sample for Power BI: Take a tour

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